Automate Your Home Effortlessly

Control your home or office lights, music, security, videos, shades, and more with ease.

Our Automation Solutions

Our automation solutions help you control your space effortlessly. Control your home or office lights, climate, security system, and audio system remotely from your mobile devices or with our voice assistant, Our voice assistant provides clients the peace of mind that their data is secure since it doesn’t sell your data to third parties.

Our innovative home solutions provide clients with a completely tailored home automation system that fits their lifestyles and needs. We offer our clients onsite consultations and install their home automation systems after complete customization.

Automation Features & Benefits

  • Single integrated interface controls your entire home.
  • Integrated customized keypads.
  • System controlled with, our voice assistant.
  • Integrated app compatible with most devices.
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Meet Our Voice Assistant,, our voice assistant, allows you to control your space with natural voice commands. Josh responds to questions, instructions, greetings, and more. Josh is built to connect to any smart device, allowing you to control your space seamlessly. Features & Benefits

  • Personal data is secure.
  • Responds to over 1 million voice commands.
  • Learns your command patterns to help create the best experience.
  • Simple to use.

Other Services

Our other services can help you create a seamless smart home or office.



AVS provides premium motorized shades to suit any home or office. Our shades come in various high-quality fabrics and color options and will allow you to optimize your home’s privacy.



Is your home or office currently under construction, or are you planning to remodel it soon? One of our customizable lighting solutions can help you curated lighting for every occasion.


Networking & Wiring

Connection is everything. Having a reliable network and electrical connections are essential in every home or business. AVS has solutions to ensure high-quality internet network and wiring connections.



As you move across home or workspace, you want your sound system to extend throughout it. Our multi-zone audio solutions will help you bring your favorite audio throughout your space.



Our customizable designs and TV mounts will help you create a multi-purpose media room or your dream home cinema. Let our team help you create a smart solution that fits your needs.


Security Systems

Greet guests and let them in from your mobile devices, manage access to your space, and share security camera footage with ease. Our security systems are monitored continuously to give you peace of mind.

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